What the hell is this thing ?

This project is run on a single Raspberry Pi Zero micro computer.
The computer runs off an 8000maH battery, charged by a 40w 2a solar panel.
All of this is enclosed in a weather proof case.

The computer is running a software called BOINC - published by the University of Berkeley; BOINC distributes work out to members of its volunteer network for processing, simulation or calculation and then the results are returned to a central point

Once the overall project is completed, the data from thousands of different computers and millions of different calculations can be used by teams of scientists to study and create theories, predictions, models or even breakthrough findings from - which I think is really cool.

Through the BOINC software (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) this system contributes to the IBM World Community Grid project - Which utilises the BOINC software to organise projects and uses for the available computing power.


The computer draws a measly 180 maH under full load and completes ONE research task every 24 - 48 hrs ( on average)

Raspberry Pi Zero W - 1000mhz single ARM chip - 1GB ram

The two batteries in this photo ended up...exploding?
so they were replaced by a single 8000maH battery

I manage the system remotely via SSH and BOINCview as I dont have physical access to it when its mounted in its enclosure

The results are very slow, but it does return its completed work before its deadline, so its still valuable.

This was the original solar panel I used, but it didn't generate enough power during cloudy days and the batteries would drain.