Solar Site

This website you are viewing right now, is run on a computer the size of your thumb, outside in my backyard, and its powered entirely by solar energy, operating 24/7.

This is a real-time visualisation of a protein simulation that was processed by this solar computer 10/11/21

This is the visual representation of this system simulating cancer markers being mapped on chromosomes

The tiny system running this website is continually performing medical and scientific calculations in support of IBM's World Community Grid project.

Although this tiny system's contribution is small, my goal was the create a self sustaining solar computer that actually had some reasonable use. The calculations this system performs do actually contribute to real research and real results - just slowly in this case.

Research tasks completed and returned by this system so far include:

Project Results returned
OpenPandemics - Covid 19 24
Mapping Cancer Markers 6
Microbiome Immunity Project 0

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